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Rainforest Reflections: Reaching the End of the Runway

On January 1st 2020 I will stop using air travel as a means of getting around for either work or pleasure. I will start with the obvious reason for that decision but I want to move onto something that is … Continue reading

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Wisdom and Education

This Creation, the whole changeful natural order with all its apparent collisions, cruelties and waste yet springs from an ardour, an immeasurable love, a perpetual donation, which generates it, upholds it, drives it. We live in a world produced not … Continue reading

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Eyes to acres: On Person and Community

The first purpose of organisational life is to support human flourishing. To flourish or thrive is a natural consequence of any living thing that is able to grow and develop in conditions appropriate to it. Good crops are the natural … Continue reading

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Limited creatures in a limited world

Weave real connections, create real nodes, build real houses. Live a life you can endure: Marge Piercy   When you do something useful things can happen. Usefulness is one of the great currents that sustains and builds communities and that … Continue reading

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The Work of Peace

Far out in space there is a remarkable song of the earth. I was reminded of it a few days ago when I flew back into London from India. At Heathrow arrivals there is a large billboard carrying a picture … Continue reading

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Ignite or be gone Poetry, shamanism, love and a world of action

I have been sitting in my room this morning in candlelight. The first light has come into the sky now and the candle sends shadows flickering about the room suggesting shapes, forms, ideas, playing with time and space, moving my … Continue reading

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In the shadow of VUCA: A call for Soul and Sanctuary in Leadership

The sun has its story That no curtain can stop. Mark Nepo Many years ago, so the story tells us, an archaeologist hired some Inca tribesmen to carry his many discoveries from an archaeological site deep in the mountains to … Continue reading

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